How to start on your natural hair journey

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By Fify

‘Where should I start?’

‘What can I use to make my hair soft?’

‘How many times should I condition and wash etc?’

These are some of the most common questions we get from new naturals, or people wanting to start taking better care of their hair.

Start Here, I’ve tried to simplify as much as possible.

1. Establish a routine

This is the MOST important step of all, more than any product or tool. No product, no matter how miraculous it is, can fix results of bad hair habits. So, do your research and come up with a plan of when you will shampoo, condition, deep treat, protective style etc. This way you get to quickly establish what works and what doesn’t. Your routine should be yours, and it should reflect your personality and lifestyle.
2. You don’t need to comb your hair everyday. For real.



  • This can result in breakage, especially if done with a fine toothed comb and on dry hair. If you need to comb use a wide-toothed comp, on damp hair. Even better, finger-detangle, works great and you can still get that neat-knotless look.

3. Make a spritz to use daily



At least once a day, or as needed. Mine comprises of distilled water and aloe vera juice, ratio 1:1. I also add some peppermint essential oil to aid with itchiness and just to soothe my scalp, plus it smells wonderful 🙂 I know some people add oil and glycerine to their spritzes, do so only if you need to.

The bottle you can get from most stores in the garden section under P20.

4. Do a deep treatment at least once a week.

My go to one involves blending together:
– 2 tbsp of RAW honey
– 1 avocado
– 1 banana
– 1 egg
– melt about 1/4cup of coconut oil
Keep this mixture on your hair for at least 30mins, more if you have time. Then follow with your shampoo and conditioner, or whatever you use to cleanse your scalp. Your hair will worship you afterwards 🙂 Read more about homemade treatments here

5. Treasure your hairline

If you have hairline problems apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) or regular castor oil mixed with some eucalyptus essential oil every night. Massage the area for at least 5minutes, you will see improvement over time. More importantly pay attention to the processes you put your hair through, be assertive about leaving your edges out of your protective styles.

6. Wear a satin bonnet/use a satin pillow to sleep


satin bonnet

Satin bonnet


The material does not suck the moisture out of your hair so make or buy a satin/silk pillow/bonnet. This also helps reduce friction between your hair and material when you sleep.

These you can get from Clicks, Airport Junction or Gamecity.

7. Use very little to zero heat on your hair

Overuse of heat can damage your hair, so stick top heatless methods for stretching out your hair. You can use yarn (wool) overnight or use the banding and other other friendly methods. I know that hairdressers usually stress the use of heat before plaiting, so use heat protectants if you really cannot avoid it.

8. Eat well and drink water.

Healthy hair stems from a healthy  lifestyle. Take your multi-vitamins, workout and avoid junk.

Realize that it will take time and patience to know what works and what doesn’t. Be careful, gentle, and above all don’t try and make your hair do what the next person’s does. Also, don’t treat it like relaxed hair. It may look and feel hard, but it fragile.



  • Wondaful

  • chedza mahatlhe

    I m humbled to be part of this group.

  • neo

    hello dears. im a naturalist but have been struggling for a very long time because most hairdressers prefer to relax hair and do not want to style or maintain natural hair. i had very beautiful locks but had to relax because didnt have a hairdresser. where can i find a hairdresser who understands and appreciates natural hair in Francistown? if you know of anyone please email me contacts.

    thank you

  • Gloria Molefe

    Good day… I have been keeping my hair natural since last year but not taking much care of it. Now i have decided on a fresh start and it is one of my new year resolutions to take care of my hair. I have such a beautiful curly textured hair which is rich and have a strong hairline despite not being taken care of. I want to learn as much as possible about taking care of natural hair, protective styling and all. I was very fortunate to learn about the group from a cousin and am really impressed and motivated. cheers!!


      Good day Gloria!

      That’s awesome to hear, keep loving your hair!!!