How you can get involved

NHBots is geared towards community and sharing best practices where natural, unprocessed hair is concerned. Send your submissions/proposal to, with the subject line your chosen category. Look forward to hearing from you!


  • Type the article on email, or type on Word then paste on email, don’t send a Word doc.
  • Attach 1 or 2 relevant pictures, don’t put them in a word document. Or if you don’t have images please let me know in advance what you’ll be writing on and I’ll source the images.
  • Send me an image you’d like me to use for your author image.
  • Type in clear, simple and grammatically correct language 🙂
  • Credit your sources of information.

So we gladly invite submissions in the following CATEGORIES:

1. Working natural: Are you in a professional environment and rocking your natural hair? Get in touch and let us know what styles you wear, if you have pictures even better.

2. Guest bloggers: If you like to write informative articles or you are a blogger and you like to contribute simply write us with a proposal of what you would like to write on, and include an image of yourself.

3. Natural Hair Journey: If you would like to share about how you came to be a natural this one is for you. Include images to show your journey.

4. Transitioners: Share your journey; challenges, triumphs. Images also welcome!

5. Big picture: How has your being natural affected your life? Healthwise? Self-image-wise? And the people close to you supportive? Share your story.

6. DIY-er: Do you have homemade combinations that you use on your hair and your hair just loves? Share the recipes, with images and step by step how to.

7. This Happened!: Have a crazy/funny story happen to you at a salon or just in general because of your hair? Spill!

8. Natural Bride: Rocked your natural hair on your wedding? Share your inspiration and images from the big day!

9. Product reviews: Share your experience with products you’ve tried. Include step by step usage and images.

10. Style Ideas: Share your images with a favourite style and how you achieved the look.

11. Mommy Diaries: You have a little one whose hair you take care of too? Share the products/methods you use and how you manage her hair.

12. Stylish Natural: Are you stylish AND natural? Share glam images of your whole looks, and what inspires you.