T444z- Product review and Giveaway

When my hairdresser Clive recommended that I use T444z to help restore my hairline I was quick to say, ‘nope, I don’t want my scalp to fall off.’ Yes, I said that. The main reason was because I had seen T444z ads on Facebook, showing ladies with incredibly long natural hair, and I just didn’t buy it. I do not like hyped-up stuff.


But I decided to trust him on my 2nd visit a few months later and purchase the hair food. After reading the ingredients I was a bit calm because they looked all natural. So I started using small amounts no too regularly, and really didn’t think much about it. 6months later my hairline had grown back, and I really do think it was because of T444z. I didn’t use anything else during the time for my edges.


To celebrate the launch of NaturalhairBots the good people of T444z have graciously agreed to giveaway a complete set of products, worth P950! Shampoo, conditioner and Hairfood.

Read more about T444z here.



To be eligible simply

1. Join NHBots on Facebook

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3. Tweet this post and mention @NHBots

4. Comment below about why you should win these products

Winner will be chosen randomly announced Monday 27th here on the blog and on the NHBots page on FB. Share away!



  • Pako Sekgetle

    If I relax it becomes very thin,because of the dandruff I have to wash my hair every week which is expensive for me ,when I oil my scalp with any other hair food I develop pimples on my face,I really would love to own T444Z product but I cant afford it

  • Kamo

    I should win because am on a sincere fro-journey and T444z will be the right friend to tag along in my journey 😊

  • Likhabiso Lijane

    I have very dry scalp,a poor hairline and my hair’s breakage is just too real.I’v suffered from Eczema practically all my life,or atleast as far back as I can remember.I would be humbled to win the T444z products.Thank you

  • Thato Nkomo

    My hair is dry,brittle and very thin. And although i currently have a mini twa the breakage is disheartening. I believe T444z is just what i need because i have tried so many other products that just haven’t worked out. Am at my wits end and don’t know what else to try.

  • Didintle

    well! besides the fact that l havent tried out the t44z.
    My natural hair is 13months old, l started because l wanted dreads and l was told my hair is too english! lol! so because of that l decided to explore a little with the relaxed hair then, l did the Rihannah cut, l do not know what the cut is called! With so much thought l decided l had to do the big chop! From that day l loved word ‘natural hair.’ l didnt even regret it then! I am enjoying every part of it!

  • Elang Basuhi

    I know a number of people who have given up on their hair line I would love to see the surprise on their faces when T444z brings back their hair!

  • Grace Morake

    My hairline is basically baby hair, a lot of times when I go plaiting especially braids, and the hair dresser decides to plait, it comes out from the roots, I totally believe T44z could come to my rescue. 🙂

  • Kakale Munamati

    I would like to win because i’ve heard rave reviews about this product. My hair, like yours, thins at the edges and its such a struggle to love my crown because of this. It would be awesome to have a product that helps with this!!! Please pick me! pick me!!!!

  • mantsi pilane

    I’ve been growing my hair naturally after the BC for the past 18 months only problem is dandruff and the pain of having to comb this afro I was just about to relax my hair again cause I can’t stand the embarrasment of dandruff and I have tried everything, head and shoulders, mercy cream u name it I’ve tried it. So to be able to keep it natural + not suffer from dandruff 🙂 ….who knows I might just be their next model with long natural locks

  • Bridget Maretweng

    I have very dry hair, i have tried moisturisers and oils but didnt work, maybe i did it wrong. I have never had long hair because my hair is thin and breaks easily.. Plating is another story my hairline resides easily.. And dandruff, iam forced to use nails on my scalp frequently. T444Z can help me feel and look lyk a lady i know.

  • Yoliswa Yvonne magqi

    I have never had long hair please assist me.

  • nonkokhelo

    I have been using this hair food for 5 months now,yes my hair is growing but falling at the same time.the falling started on my 2nd jar. thank you.

    • naturalhairbotswana@gmail.com

      Hi Nonkokhelo,

      We are sorry to hear that you are experiecing hair fall. It coule be because of dryness, so the hair is growing but breaking because it’s not well moisturized. What is your current regimen?

  • charmaine sthembile Mnqayi

    Hi I live in Durban ,where can I get this product t444z

    • naturalhairbotswana@gmail.com

      Hi Charmaine,
      Look for T444z Hair Product, South Africa page on Facebook and inquire there, thanks!

  • I noticed my hair started to thin since last year, I tried a few hair products non has worked so far my friend told me about this product….although a bit expensive so am hoping it will work for me.


    can you please tell me where can i get this product i dont have hairline and my hair is very wick i would love to be free from wig and bonding as for now is what im doing on my hair to avoid the shame on my hair. im staying in germiston gauteng ( SA)

  • Linda

    hi i live in Tembisa which is in Gauteng province where can i get this Hair Food